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& Fees

Tuition Breakdown

Your first class at Evolve is $60 per month. For every class added, it's an additional $25 per month. Our tuition breakdown is *per child* and not per family.

Tuition is pro-rated based on the enrollment date for that month.

Fees Breakdown

Registration Fee

Late Fee

Returned Check Fee

Military Discount

Due each Fall-Summer Session per student

Tuition paid after the 5th of the month

Any declined payments

Must present valid I.D.




50% Off Registration Fee

Evolve Dance Company Tuition 

*All EDC members are required to take ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, strength/stretch & acro.* 

Unlimited classes for one dancer per household $255/Month

- Unlimited classes for two dancers in the same household $375/Month

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