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Why Choose Evolve? 

We pride ourselves in providing our students with the best training in the River Region. All of our faculty is trained & educated at a higher level and is continuously achieving additional certifications and furthering their education to provide the best curriculum for our students. 

We are proud to be involved in community events and welcome students from all communities and background. We have fostered a diverse and loving environment for students to feel welcomed.


We provide a safe, clean, and spacious environment for our students to learn. We have security cameras in every room of our building and our assistant teachers go through top-notch training each year.


We are known for our level of professionalism and entertainment that we provide our dance community and always strive to give our dance families the best experience possible at Evolve. We ensure that our classes are FUN, engaging, and focus on not just life skills such as discipline and teamwork, but provide social environment to foster emotional and social needs of our students. 

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