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Studio Policy Document

• Studio Policy Document

• The Evolve Studio for the Arts runs on a ten-month dance year which begins in August and concludes with an end of the year recital in May. Our summer sessions are taught in June and/or July and do not conclude with a performance. Each student must register through our system and pay a $40/year registration fee. 
• Tuition is charged in ten equal installment payments starting in August regardless of the number of classes in the month. Whether we have a short month (3 weeks) or a long month (5 weeks), tuition remains the same. 
• Tuition and all other fees are non-refundable.
• You may pay in advance for tuition or fees. All students must have a credit/debit card or checking account on file. There is a $35 fee charged for each returned or declined payment in our automated system. It is the parent's responsibility to update any information including expired or compromised card information in the Parent Portal. If a credit card payment is declined, the Evolve Studio has the right to request a bank account to be put on file for future payments. If no payment is made after the 15th of the month, the child will be removed from classes until payment is received. 
• If you wish to withdraw from all classes, a formal withdrawal form must be completed 30 days in advance and turned in to the front office. You will be charged tuition until the form is completed and received by the Evolve office. A verbal conversation is not a formal drop. There is no reduction in tuition for missed classes.  If recital costumes have been purchased for the class, a refund will not be given for costumes ordered, no matter if you choose to drop the class. ALL Charges will be applicable. 
• We accept all major credit cards,  PayPal or Cash for merchandise only in the office.  

• Occasionally informative letters are sent home throughout the year. Please check your child's dance bag regularly. 
• We also communicate through the Parent Portal via emails. Make sure that this information is current. 
• Evolve Studio is not responsible for children left unattended before or after class times. If you will be arriving late to pick up your child, please let the instructor know, so he or she can take the student to the office to wait on you.
• All scheduled rehearsals and classes are closed unless otherwise specified by your child's teacher. This allows there to be fewer distractions and a more productive instructional time for teachers and students. You are always invited to watch your child through our observation TV. Please refrain from entering the room during a scheduled class.
• All students are required to be in proper dance wear and appropriate shoes to attend classes. Proper dance wear along with prompt and regular attendance, establishes an enjoyable dance experience. All hair should be secured away from your child's face with no excessive jewelry worn. No gum or candy is allowed.
• Private Lessons are offered to those wishing to improve skills on an individual basis or for special events such as talent shows, pageants, etc. Private Lessons are by the half hour or hour, and fees charged are at the discretion of the instructor and must be scheduled through the office, not the teacher.
• I understand and allow that during your child/children's time at the Evolve Studio for the Arts, he or she may be featured on the website by name, photograph, and/or video. All students will be featured in the recital video and/or program. 
• Classes are held on all school/teacher workdays. During severe weather conditions, announcements will be posted on the Facebook page and through the Parent Portal regarding class cancellations.

• Any issues, concerns or grievances of any kind that you may have regarding your child, child's instructor, etc. are to be addressed privately with the director or office manager in the office. If the director is not available, please schedule an appointment via the office manager or by sending an email to, Do not confront the instructor before, during, or after classes. Please refrain from discussing the matter in the lobby or in front of other parents and children. Failure to comply with these rules may result in student dismissal.”

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