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Season III Auditions

As we wrap up a hugely successful SECOND season, we are gearing up for Season III with auditions right around the corner! The Evolve Dance Company is unique because it offers the opportunity for performance and growth to dancers ages five to eighteen & ALL LEVELS are welcome!

Evolve Dance Company is truly a family that supports, loves, and encourages one another. We have built a community in the past season of FORTY -FIVE dancers and can’t wait to continue to grow - and that starts with YOU!

Our dancers train year-round in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Acro. We strive to offer dancers training on a more in-depth level and help them appreciate dance as an art form & possible profession. We provide an environment to explore their creative side & understand the art of dance. We challenge and push each dancer to their fullest potential - and we have FUN!

We believe in offering the best dance education to ALL of our studio dancers but also investing in our company dancers by offering diverse training & opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else in the River Region.


We will be hosting our Season III auditions this June over the span of three days. Our auditions are broken up into three age groups -
Minis (Ages 4-8)
Juniors (Ages 8-12)

Teens (Ages 12-18)
*If you’re unsure of which audition your 12-year-old should attend, please reach out to us*

  • Auditions are open to the public for any dancers, not just current students at Evolve.

  • There is a $25 audition fee and a $5 fee to audition for a solo or duo/trio. - You may pay your audition fee by cash or check. 

  • All dancers auditioning need to bring in a headshot and a resume with dance experience listed. You’re more than welcome to stop by the office for an example.

  • There is a company audition form linked here. This form must be turned in by June 3rd to audition. This will give us a proper headcount as to how many to expect in each age group.

  • Along with your intention form should be your audition fee and your first payment towards company tuition for July if not auto-drafted as a current student.

  • If you are registered for Summer classes before this date then you will not need to turn in any payment.

  • Tuition for July is $255 for company members, and families with two siblings is $375.

  • You can turn in payment via check or cash & it will be returned to you if you do not become a member of EDC.

** Our auditions are not about “cutting” dancers, but about assessing their skill level and progress and them placing them into companies for the season. If we personally feel that a dancer is not ready to be a member of EDC, we will discuss it with the parent and dancer after auditions conclude. All discussions will come with a plan to get your dancer on the right track towards becoming an EDC member. **


  • During Check-In for auditions, dancers will sign in, collect their audition number, and turn in their resume/ headshot. If you’re not a current student at Evolve, you will need to fill out a Student Information Sheet at auditions.

  • Dancers need to check-in all days applicable to receive their numbers for the auditions each day. Group I will have a jazz, hip hop, and contemporary audition.

  • Groups II & III are required to attend a ballet, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, tap, and acro audition. The tap and acro portions are to help us level them into their classes for the fall & for their level distinction for company.

  • Experience is not needed for auditions & even if you don’t have experience in all styles, you must still complete all portions of auditions to be considered.


  • Group I - we ask that they wear an outfit of their choice that shows their personality but is also appropriate for each style. They will need jazz shoes for the jazz audition, tennis shoes for hip hop, and will go barefoot for the contemporary portion. We ask that hair is pulled out of their face so as to not distract them. No jewelry is allowed other than small earrings.

  • Group II & III - it is required that all dancers wear their hair in a low bun for auditions. No jewelry is allowed other than small earrings.

  • Ballet: All female dancers should have a plain black leotard (no color accents), pink ballet tights, and pink ballet shoes. No skirts. All male dancers should wear black shorts and a white t-shirt or tank top with black ballet shoes. No bare feet.

  • Jazz: Dancers are allowed to wear an outfit of choice, but will only have a 15 minute break between ballet and jazz to change if they’d like. You will not be faulted for staying in your ballet attire if chosen to do so. Dancers should have skin-tone or black jazz shoes. No bare feet.

  • Contemporary: Dancers are allowed to wear an outfit of choice and will be dancing barefoot. No socks. We ask to wear an outfit that still shows their body lines.

  • Hip Hop: Dancers are allowed to wear an outfit of choice, but you will only have a 15 minute break between Contemporary and Hip Hop to change. Dancers are required to wear tennis shoes for hip hop. No bare feet.

  • Tap & Acro - Dancers need to wear a leotard for their acro portion & bare feet. We ask that you follow the dress code for jazz auditions for their tap portion and dancers need tap shoes. No other shoes or bare feet allowed.

  • Solo & Duo/Trio auditions: Dancers can pick an outfit of choice and shoes should depend on their style they have chosen.



  • Anyone is allowed to audition for a solo or duo/trio for EDC. It is up to our discretion to decide who will receive a “special” as we refer to them.

  • Specials are a huge financial and time commitment alone, on top of the standard commitments for EDC.

  • To audition for a solo, a dancer must SELF-CHOREOGRAPH a 1:00-1:30 minute solo.

  • No faculty at Evolve or another dance studio may help with this solo, and that includes cleaning it.

  • You may choose to audition in the style you are wanting for your special, or another style to show your range.

    • We are looking for dancers who can hold their own on stage, who have a work ethic that goes above and beyond, and who are passionate about their training.

  • If you are given a solo or duo/trio, you are required to have a private lesson at least once per week. It must be a minimum of 15 minutes.

  • To audition for a duo/trio a dancer has two options -

    • You may choreograph a 1:00-1:30 minute dance with another dancer(s) that you’re wanting to be partnered with

    • Or you may audition as a soloist and state you’re open to a duo/trio rather than a solo, or both.

    • We are looking for dancers who work well together, have the same work ethic and commitment level, and whose training balances.

  • Linked here is the Specials Request Form. This must be turned in with your Audition Form to audition for a special. You will select the specials you’re interested in, if you’re interested in doing a special with anyone/who, and rank the styles you are interested in.


  • Dancers will find out by 9AM on June 10th if they have been chosen as a member of EDC.

  • Those that are chosen will receive an offer letter sent to the email on file. You will have until Monday June 12th at 8PM to return your offer letter. You can turn it back in digitally, or through the dropbox at the studio. When your offer letter is received, you will receive your personal contract by 16th that must be signed and returned within 48 hours.

  • With your contract, you must turn in a $100 deposit towards your first company expense. For some this will be warmups, for others it could be choreography. This gives us a starting point towards your account.


7:15 AM- Group II Check-In
8:00 AM - Group II Ballet Audition
9:00 AM - 15 Minute Break
9:15 AM - Group II Jazz Audition
10:15 AM - 15 Minute Break
10:30 AM - Group II Contemporary Audition
11:15 AM - 15 Minute Break
11:30 AM - Group II Hip Hop Audition & Group I Audition Check-In
12:15 PM - Group II Audition Ends
12:30 PM - Group I Jazz Audition
1:30PM - 15 Minute Break
1:45 PM - Group I Hip Hop Audition & Group II & III Tap Audition Check-In

2:30 - Group I Hip Hop Audition Ends
2:45 PM - Group II & Group III Tap Audition
3:45 PM - Auditions Conclude for Day I

7:15 AM- Group III Check-In
8:00 AM - Group III Ballet Audition
9:00 AM - 15 Minute Break
9:15 AM - Group III Jazz Audition
10:15 AM - 15 Minute Break
10:30 AM - Group III Contemporary Audition
11:15 AM - 15 Minute Break
11:30 AM - Group III Hip Hop Audition & Group I Audition Check-In
12:15 PM - Group III Audition Ends
12:30 PM - Group I Contemporary Audition
1:15 PM - Group I Contemporary Audition Ends & Group II & III Acro Audition Check-In

2:00 PM - Group II & Group III Acro Audition
3:00 PM - Auditions Conclude for Day II

7:15 AM - Solo/Duo/Trio Check-In

8:00 AM - Auditions Begin

Ending Time TBD

We hope you will join us for our Season III auditions, even if it’s just for the experience!

Let’s keep evolving together!

Kennedy Thomas, Owner & Artistic Director of EDC

Brittany Hillman, Office Manager & Co-Director of EDC

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