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Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

*Updated October 16th*

Evolve Studio for the Arts is committed to providing the safest environment possible for our students, parents & faculty members with the ongoing health crisis we face. As the numbers of Covid-19 in our county, city & state continue to increase we have reshaped our policies & procedures to allow us to operate safely & effectively while complying with all laws & guidelines that apply to our studio.  We ask for your cooperation & understanding as we move forward with navigating this climate as it changes daily - our ultimate goal is to provide the safest environment now so that we can continue to provide the best education for our students throughout the year. 


  • A Covid-19 waiver must be signed by all parents/guardians of students before returning to in-studio classes.

  • Everyone must wear a mask to enter the studio - this includes students, parents, and faculty. This is a state mandate. Students must wear their masks into class & can remove them once class begins. When class is over they will be asked to place their mask back on to exit the studio or move into their following class. 

  • We ask that parents limit their time in the lobby & restrooms and only enter the office when they have questions. If you are able to drop your child off & then pick up, this is greatly appreciated. We understand with our younger students that parents are more secure being present during class & are needed for restroom breaks for their child. 

    • Please be mindful of how early you are dropping your child off for class to limit time in lobby. 

  • All students will have their temperatures checked before they enter class with a touch-less thermometer. If your child has a temperate of 100.4 or higher than we will contact you to pick them up - this temperature follows the CDC guidelines. 

  • Students are allowed to take their mask, a secured water bottle that does not have an open lid, and their shoes for that class into the studio with them. Around the room we will have sanitized bins for students to place their belongings into. These will be sanitized between each class. 

  • Teachers will open all doors to welcome students into class & also to allow them to exit to limit contact. Teachers will administer hand sanitizer as students enter the classroom & as they exit.  Teachers will also wear masks the entire time while teaching. 

  • We have marked 6 ft squares in each studio for teachers to utilize for social distancing guidelines while in class.

  • If your child is in a ballet class that uses the ballet barres then they need to bring two washcloths into class with them - they will use these to place onto barres so that there is less physical contact. If a student would rather wear form-fitting gloves that is acceptable. We ask that they are washed and dried between classes. 

  • All props & mats will be sanitized between classes. 

  • If a faculty member does test positive for Covid-19 then we will notify parents & students. The faculty member will be required to quarantine for at least 14 days and provide a negative test result before resuming teaching. 

  • If we have a student test positive who has had significant contact with our staff & other students, we will notify everyone with potential contact & move to a virtual platform for 14 days to allow for our faculty to be tested, our studio to be cleaned professionally, and to give time to see if other students present with symptoms. 


We ask for 100% compliance as we have put these measures in place for your safety, your child’s safety, as well as our faculty’s safety. We appreciate your understanding & are very grateful to have the Evolve community during this time. 

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